How to Get Your Groove Back Postpartum

Getting in shape and eating healthier is hard enough as is.

Throw a baby in the mix and things can get really complicated.

Here are some tips for making the whole process much less stressful...

1. Have EASY foods around that help you reach your goals. There is nothing wrong with using the microwave. There is nothing wrong with precooked food. Embrace it.

2. Be patient and wait until you get your doctor’s approval before resuming exercise. It’s not worth hurting yourself!

3. Be flexible with your workout schedule. It’s okay if your baby cries and needs you 10 minutes into your workout. Take care of your baby and finish your workout when you can! It will eventually get easier!

4. Be okay with change. You may be like me and have to start working out at home with minimal equipment. It can be overwhelming at first when you’re so used to a fully stocked gym. Don’t write it off yet. It will get better and more natural to workout at home.

5. It’s okay if the house isn’t perfect all the time. Join the club. Having all of your laundry and dishes clean and put away 24/7 isn’t necessary.

6. It’s okay to ask for and accept help from others. If you are lucky enough to live near supportive friends and family, use that to your advantage.

7. Walking is underrated. Get your steps in!

You got this and I am rooting for you!

<3 Jess

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